The Practice Challenge was designed by Rachel Broadbent in 2019 to help guide students through their private practice. So many students find their instrument practice difficult, either lacking motivation or just not knowing how to tackle the work they have been set by their teacher. More often than not this can lead to students just playing through their pieces over and over again. This obviously has a benefit as they are playing but it isn't the best way to learn their music and it can lead them to becoming demotivated as progress can be slow when only playing through music.

Musicians are taught practice technique and as teachers we try and pass this on to our students. The Practice Challenge was created to help guide students each time they do their private practice between lessons and encourage them to learn good practice technique but in a fun and slightly unpredictable way. 

The Practice Challenge is a card with 20 challenges and all a student needs to do when they practice is throw the 20 sided dice to pick a challenge to complete. The challenges cover technical work and finger exercises, challenges based around picking sections of their pieces and encouraging slow practice, rhythmic challenges and for wind and brass there are breathing exercises as well. This simple aim is to complete 3 challenges as part of a students daily private practice and gradually this reinforces the practice techniques music teachers are teaching in lessons and will help students develop their playing and practice technique.

The Practice Challenge is available for Brass and Woodwind with a String  practice challenge card due for release soon. The cards are suitable for any standard player and have been used by early grade students and professionals. When a more advanced student uses the card they can use their own creativity and musicality to develop and expand on the challenges to focus on the areas of the playing they will be aware need work.

At £3.50  each The Practice Challenge has been designed to be an affordable addition to any young musicians toolkit.

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